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Love Study (Malta)

At Love Study (Malta), we specialise in providing student placement, extraordinary educators, and exceptional entertainment with unique products for both study and activities in the marketplace. We also provide easy introductions to local Universities and Colleges across our country.


Love Study (Malta) works closely with students, their families and representative agencies to match student interest with the best possible Maltese Colleges and or universities.

If you have always wanted to come to Malta or the EU to continue your studies, Love Study (Malta) can help you achieve your dream. Our counsellors will help you select a great university or college, gain admission and assist you through the entire application process.

Students from around the world have found Love Study (Malta) the best way to learn about studying in Europe. If you are considering a short term study abroad experience, an English language program or a full degree program (study abroad, bachelors, Graduate or PhD) Love Study (Malta) can help with all your plans.

Scholarships and Grants

Many Love Study (Malta) partnered universities provide automatic scholarships and grants as well as academic, athletic and talent scholarships. All of these can significantly reduce the overall cost of your education. Let us know if you need additional information on scholarships, internships and work opportunities. Complete our form and a counsellor will promptly contact you.


University and Colleges can partnership with Love Study (Malta) to provide an excellent opportunity to identify and attract talented international students from all parts of the world.

Love Study (Malta) works with a select group of university partners who are interested and dedicated in attracting international students from all parts of the world. We provide marketing and recruitment services that identify interested students who meet and exceed each universities academic and financial requirement.

The mission of Love Study (Malta) is to work individually with its university partners, from all areas of Malta and Gozo, as long as they are accredited and have a strong commitment to international education. As each university is unique and has its own special qualities, Love Study (Malta) works to match each student’s interest with the appropriate university. In this role, over 90% present of applicants provided to our university partners are accepted for admission. Our students are screened by Love Study (Malta) counsellors to ensure they have the academic requirements and documents needed to complete their application. All counsellors have met standards through the AIRC review process.

Universities supportive of international education and the recruitment of quality students are encouraged to consider working with Love Study (Malta). We have an excellent agency network in place worldwide and we can assist you to attract the undergraduate and graduate students you desire to enrol.