Fortress Alliance Group is a One-Stop-Shop for all your property management needs and more. We have brought together a number of companies that are working under one umbrella which puts the group in a good strategic position to be able to manage any size project.

Fortress Alliance Group is the Mother Company comprising of the following entities;




Group Organisational Structure

Campany Departmental Organisational Chart


Structure Grouping


Property Management & Matimance Waste and Energy Management  & Charity   Resources, Educational & Gaming
Facility Management, Hygiene, Cleaning, Disinfecting, Property Rental, Sales, Security Conservation Services, Waste Management and Recycling,            Renewable Energy, and Solar Panels Credit, Gaming, Brokers and Other                                                                                      
Triton Properties(Malta),

MCSI (Mr. Clean),

Mr. Clean Carwash Centre

Star Clean

247 Contact Services,




ECO Alliance (Malta)

Energy Alliance Technologies Ltd







Gaming Alliance Group

Grand Hotel & Casino

Debt Recovery Services (Malta) Ltd

Malta Repo Services

Falcon Brokers & Pawn Services




Medical, Pharmaceutical and Other  Charities & Foundations  Educational Services Malta, Recruitment and HR management, 
Global Care Group                                     

IT Mania

Degiorgio Charity Foundation                       

Malta pet Adoption

Malta International Recruiting Agency Ltd

Love Study (Malta)