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At Malta Repo Services we have one goal…to quickly and completely resolve client files. Whether through a recovery of a vehicle or the negotiation of a resolution of the account with the debtor, we utilize our many years of experience and expertise to ensure our clients the best possible outcome for each unique situation.

As a family business serving our extended community since 2015, everyone in the company takes pride in the success of our company.

Let us show you what decades of experience, the most advanced technologies and a commitment to the customer really mean

  • Our Services
  • Repossession – It’s at the heart of what we’ve been doing.
  • Skip Tracing – Our skip tracers actually consider this the fun part. We’ve even had a debtor call us once to commend us on the fact that we found her. Now that’s what we call a recommendation.
  • Liquidation – Everything from vehicles to motor homes to special equipment, if you need it liquidated we can handle it for you.
  • Auction House – We now have the ability to provide remarketing services to help lenders sell vehicles through AH’s leading online auction at Instead of sending vehicles to a physical auction for sale, recoveries can be auctioned online directly from our lot, reducing remarketing time and expense.


  • What is Repossession

Taking possession of property that was earlier sold on an installment contract because the buyer defaults on payment of the debt.

The actions of a lender to take possession of personal property in which it has a security interest, or the actions of a landlord to take possession of leased premises after default. Repossession may be by court order, or it may be self-help, as when the automobile repo person takes a car in the dead of night. Self-help repossession is generally allowed unless prohibited by specific consumer protection statutes,but it must be accomplished without a breach of the peace. Some courts define “breach of the peace” as shouting, threats of violence, or any sort of public disturbance.Others hold that repossession in the face of the debtor’s oral statements to cease and desist is a breach of the peace, but that does not preclude the creditor from returning later to attempt repossession when the debtor is not present.

Bottom line, whatever it takes to resolve your account is what we do. If you’re concerned that a specific account might be impossible to resolve, give us a call. At Malta Repo Services we love a challenge and will surprise you with our results

  • Under the Hammer – Auction House (MALTA)

Under the Hammer – Auction House is a family run established auctioneers in MALTA. We have been offering accurate valuations on fine art, antiques and jewellery since 1993 starting in Italy. Our valuers are highly experienced so you can be guaranteed a professional valuation on all of your items. So if you have one item or a house full, we can offer you a service tailored to your needs.

Offering you fine art, antiques and jewellery valuations in Brighton, Hove & Sussex since 1929

Offering you more than a valuation

Free Parking when visiting us to view auctions or by appointment to have your items valued. Home visits can also be arranged to value your items with online access for worldwide to get the best price possible