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Debt Recovery Services (Malta)Ltd

Selecting a credit recovery and or a REPO partner is not something that should be taken lightly. A specialist should function as an extension of your company. Taking this into consideration, there are some distinct reasons that answer the question ‘why choose Us’


We’re committed to providing our customers and people with the best Collections Service. This is articulated through our Mission and Vision, and in our adherence to our Governance Principles.


Through our Governance Principles, Customer Service Charter and investment in innovation, we’re committed to leading our people and customers to better products and services than anywhere else.


As a company whose remit is to enable successful trade, our biggest corporate responsibility is an economic one. Trade is essential for the world’s economic development.


At  Debt Recovery Services (Malta) Ltd we do not charge you anything unless we collect the debt owed to you. So it’s a win-win situation


The location of your business or those from your clients does not matter. Through our native speakers and local network, we are able to assist you on- and off-site.


With a tailor-made approach and a hands-on mentality we successfully make the impossible possible in most cases.


Debt Recovery Services (Malta) Ltd can help you overcome changes and challenges by training your personnel ‘on the job’ using tailor-made training programs. It is our objective to help your personnel excel in their debt collection skills.


Our consultants travel where needed to help clients improve their credit management processes. Malta Debt Recovery Services Ltd can help your company to make the difference between a mediocrely designed process and a properly designed one.
Debt Recovery Services (Malta) Ltd can also employ solicitors and takes legal action to recover your money as a final resort. We work proactively, hand in hand with Malta Association of Credit Management, to provide a directory of Bad Debt registry
Debt Recovery Services (Malta) Ltd will take over the collection of your debt. If successful, you will receive an agreed proportion of the total amount owing, while the agency will keep the rest.

We usually try to recover the debt by:

• sending out routine letters
• telephoning customers
• door to door
• legal action (final resort)


Creditors need reliable and up-to-date credit information pertaining to credit and cash flow management in order to analyse and continuously monitor the credit worthiness of their existing debtors and any potential credit applicants in a proactive manner. Debt Recovery Services (Malta) Ltd clients that intend to sell on credit, by providing effective and timely credit management information to ensure that it clients get the following benefits:

• Minimising the risk associated with credit
• Keeping credit management cost low
• Avoiding bad debts
• Being consistent in credit management decisions
• Controlling of credit management processes
• Monitoring Debtors on a daily basis
• Increasing the performance of the credit management department or business function
• Enhancing long-term customer relationship, thus improving customer retention
• Identifying financially solvent prospects, turning credit risk into credit rewards
• Maintaining sound cash flow
• Sustaining profitability
• Assisting before it’s too late

The financial growth of your company depends on how fast your clients pay their invoices. Sometimes your company may lack the required time and/or personnel to actively pursue the group of late payers, which has immediate consequences for your cash flow. By outsourcing this activity we can help chase your clients and existing debtors, saving you time and money.

Debt Recovery Services (Malta) Ltd can manage your debtors fully, partly, incidentally or on a project basis. In consultation with us you can determine what part and at which stage you would like to outsource your accounts receivable process.

Continuity = improving your cash flow

Because we provide continuity and know-how in your accounts receivable process, your cash flow will improve. Our approach will be adjusted to your organization’s needs, the language it uses and the manner in which debtors are pursued. Together with you, a collection profile will be made stipulating when and how your debtors are reminded of their payment obligation.

Example collection profile


Depending on your needs and requirements our outsource package can contain the following:
• outbound and inbound telephone contact with your debtors
• sending reminders and collection notices
• dispute management
• handling of all correspondence

Any extra steps you want to be taken or other specifics that might help you can also be added.


”Being successful in debt collection is having 101 answers to 100 excuses”

Companies are often not aware that if debtors are not chased in time the chance that the debts are collectable becomes smaller as time increases. In fact, research shows that for every year that the debtor does not pay the success rate of being able to collect the debt drops by 30%. This is why it is important to start the debt collection activities as soon as possible. As an experienced partner, Debt Recovery Services (Malta) Ltd can offer many benefits in assisting you in this process.

As an experienced debt collection specialist, with clients and debtors and a high success rate, we can say that our debt collection methods work. We know how to recognize and handle excuses for not paying and which buttons to push to make debtors pay.

Knowing the effectiveness of our debt collection service, we challenge you to experience what Debt Recovery Services (Malta) Ltd as a successful debt collection agency can do for your company. Send us a test case and let the ease of our service convince you.


We are often asked when it is the best time to forward a case for collection. It’s simple; as soon as your gut feeling tells you to do so (you know your clients best) and preferably before the case hits an age of 180 days/6 months. This way you minimize the chances of not recovering the debt.


Agents, ex-law enforcement personnel, and experienced repo investigators will handle your claim at Debt Recovery Services (Malta) Ltd. These extensive resources allow us to locate and retrieve individuals and property efficiently for our clients.

With society’s ever-increasing pace and state of mobility, the challenge of tracking People and Property “on the run” can be a demanding endeavor. Therefore, our primary objective remains keeping ahead of it all through innovative strategies, skilled repo- investigators, and a wealth of global resources and information. Simply stated we provide “comprehensive collateral insurance.” Without a successful repo recovery, all parties lose. Therefore, we take the interests of our clients as serious as our own.

What do you do when a vehicle you sold, is paid for with a bad cheque? What about the individual not making scheduled payments? Call Malta Debt Recovery Services Ltd… We can help!

Most individuals do not realize that they have the same rights as other lenders when it comes to defaulted obligations. Malta Debt Recovery Services Ltd experienced investigators and agents can quickly recover your property when other means have failed. Our staff will work with you to find the location of your property, work out a recovery plan, and return the merchandise to you.
We can help you get through this troubled time. It’s nice to know that you have professionals on your side. Our private party repo service covers all the Maltese Island, and even abroad in some cases.

Debt Recovery Services (Malta) Ltd understands the needs of financial institutions in repo cases. Our mission is to provide our clientele quick, efficient, and safe recovery of their assets, while adhering to Local laws concerning repo.

Our utilization of the latest repo investigative techniques, state of the art communications technology, and equipment allows us to effect quick retrieval of any type of collateral. We provide repossession services on Automobiles, Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles, Appliances, Watercraft, and or Aircraft.

Our operations function within Malta and its islands. We are able to retrieve property for our customers that many other agencies have failed at. We specialize in the “Hard Core” skip. The individuals who use every tactic available to deprive you of your collateral. These individuals change address, swap vehicles with family or friends, and do everything else to make tracking them difficult. This is where we come in.


The legal description of custodial interference is to knowingly remove a child in violation of a child custody determination. Debt Recovery Services (Malta) Ltd employs specialists in the field of child abduction investigations. These cases are often very difficult to resolve through other means. A distraught parent can kidnap their child and remain undetected for years in these types of cases. They can remove the child from their hometown, and even the country. Through thorough investigative techniques, state of the art communications, and technology, we are able to locate persons that other agencies have given up on.

We service custodial interference the Maltese islands, as well as overseas. Give our staff a call about your situation and see the experience we can bring to reuniting you with your child.



The idea that safety deposit boxes are only used to store expensive jewellery or sensitive material is not the case. Safety deposit boxes seem to be an extra security that some people don’t recognize as a benefit, they usually ask, why should I have one?


100%Safety Deposit Boxes offer a lot more protection than a safe that is used at home. When purchasing a safe, you have to take into account that although you might hide safes, they are still vulnerable by being placed in a residential home and not in a structure built to prevent loss from theft, fire and flooding.


90% Imagine the stress of reapplying and reacquiring lost or damaged government identifications and important documents that you left in a vulnerable household safe. Leaving valuables in a specialized location such as the Speedy Security Vault designed for safety gives you an extra location for placing valuables. This saves you from extra hassle if they were otherwise lost at your place of residence.


90% Our Security Vault gives the same security features and protection as our competitors such as the banks. Ultimately, Safety Deposit Boxes are one of the best tools to have under your possession as a disaster prevention scenario, but don’t forget they are also a valuable asset to consider placing documents that you would otherwise have a hard time finding when you need them! Speedy Security Vault offers competitive pricing and sizes on our safety deposit boxes and we recommend visiting or giving us a call at (647) 849-3699 and inquiring about our current 50% off the first year promotion!


Our Vault is designed by security specialists; creating a high level of professionalism and security that surpasses banking institutional facilities and provides clients with the ultimate in Security storage Vault. Speedy Security Vault guarantees the protection of your valuables.
The Vault door – a secure combination locked, 3-tonne barrier vault door – is manufactured by Kumahira Safe Company, who is recognized as the premier provider of vaults and vault doors worldwide.

The vault walls, floor, and ceiling have been constructed and designed to ensure all safe deposit boxes are secured to a Grade A Rating.
Our Security Vaults engages the services of a Licensed Security guard who monitor the vault and premises 24/7.

Access to the vault is granted through successful navigation of personal identification, using biometric hand scanner, customer code entry, and digital photo recognition. Once the hand scanner has positively matched your pin code with the biometric details, a digital image allows the guard to positively identify you. Access is subsequently granted allowing you entry to a restricted zone.

Our security measures, procedures, protocols and customer service surpass that of existing banking institutional facilities. We provide our Customers with the highest standard available.

Our Security Vault has significantly invested in electronic and physical security measures. These include:
Seismic Detectors
Motion Sensors
Passive Infra-red Sensors
24/7 video surveillance
3 tonne composite barrier vault door
Bullet proof guard room and air-lock
Bio-metric hand-scanning Digital photo recognition
Individual pin-codes
Electronic Security provide monitoring and mobile response for the entire facility.
Vibration sensors
Smoke cloak
On site security guard


In general the basic premise is that we will handle your debt collection matter on the basis of No Win, No Fee.
Below is a summary of our rates for debt collection assignments:

  • Extrajudicial phase
  • If your client/debtor pays the principal amount, interest and costs:
  • On an average you will receive 100% of your principal amount.
  • If your client/debtor pays less than the principal amount:
  • On an average you will receive 85% of the collected amount, depending on the age of your debt this percentage may vary.


  • Judicial phase:
  • Cases are fully or partially handled at fixed costs for which we will ask you upfront approval.


  • Security Vault Fees:
  • This all depends on the size of your items